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335 Main Street

Southbridge, MA




Online Class Sessions:


 Evening classes   2 weeks   4:45-9p

  • Nov 6th - Nov 16th

  • Nov 27th - Dec 8th

  • Dec 11th - Dec 21st

  • Jan 8th - Jan 19th 

  • Feb 8th - Feb 19th

  • Mar 4th - Mar 15th



  Sunday classes  5 weeks  9a-3:30p​

  • Nov 12th - Dec 10th

  Weekend Session 2 weeks  9a-3:30p

  • Nov 24th - Dec 3rd

  Winter Session  1 week  9a-3:30p

  • Dec 26th - Dec 30th

                     Call for details



In-Person Class Session:



 School Break Sessions 1 week  8:30am-3pm

  • ​​Dec 26th - Dec 30th

  • Feb 19th - Feb 23rd

  • Apr 15th - Apr 19th


                          Call for details 



Parental Class (In-Person)

  •  Oct 12th   6:30-8:30p

                           Call for details


Call to register: 1-508-756-7476

Driving Lesson


Testimonials //
  • "My daughter was a bit hesitant to take lessons. Her instructor at Ideal  was very patient with her and made the experience a fun one for my Katie."

Linda L.



  • “The virtual classes were very convenient for me  while attending school I did not have to worry about rushing from school and I had more time to study for my classes"/.”


Melvin R.

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